Springdale Farm offers two types of boarding:

Standard Boarding (Stall Boarding) service is offered for $500 per month. This includes up to three daily feedings, daily stall cleaning, desired amount of turnout, indoor stall and night check.

Turnout Boarding (Pasture Boarding) service is available starting at $350 per month. This includes 24 hour access to 12 acres of pasture with a large wood turnout shed. Water and hay are available at all times.


All fields and pastures at Springdale Farm can be seen from the barn and house, which are centrally located on the property. To guarantee security, the farm is completely enclosed by a perimeter fence.


Owners live on premise and horses are under 24/7 surveillance. 

Other Services:





Special Therapies/Treatments...$25.00


Body Clip...$65.00

Blanket Rental (1 Yr.)...$80.00

Blanket Cleaning/Repair...$30.00



Springdale Farm avails over horse trailers and trailering service to/from the farm is offered. Prices upon request based on mileage.