Instruction / Lessons


One-hour private lesson: $45

Five one-hour private lessons: $175


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert rider, Springdale Farm has instructors ready to help you reach your goals. From basic horsemanship to preparing for jumping and dressage competition, we will come up with a training plan that best suits your needs. We provide individualized instruction in the Hunter, Show Jumping, Eventing, Dressage and Western disciplines. 


For the beginner:


Springdale Farm is a great place for young riders. We put emphasis on skills that promote safe and effective riding: grooming, saddle up, put a bridle on, mount, dismount, walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, steer and stop. For the safety of our beginners riding on the lunge line is required. 


With our young riders, we focus on groundwork and building a strong foundation based on trust and respect with the horse.


Every rider should be able to safely hop over a low fence or downed tree when out on the trails. Therefore it is recommended that all riders learn to jump a small jump safely no matter what style of riding they enjoy. 


For those who aspire to the disciplines of Show Jumping and Eventing/Cross-Country, the focus will be put on safe and steady progress corresponding with skills and abilities. 


For intermediate and advanced riders please arrive in advance of your lesson to allow time for grooming.


While private lessons are preferred, group lessons are available to intermediate and advanced riders only and are limited to a maximum of 4 riders (offered at the discretion of the instructor). This will ensure all riders are given the required attention.


Springdale Farm also offers preparation for horse trials and tournament participation on an individual basis. 



Schooling / Training


Springdale Farm offers onsite and offsite training for horses. Bring your horse to the farm for one-on-one attention for a variety of issues. 


Training and exercise riding and lunging is available for boarded horses. Rates are based on need and available upon request.


If you and your horse can't come to us, one of our trainers/instructors will visit you to address your and your horse's needs.